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Installing or replacing Rapidprint or other die plates

Installing indicia (”die”) plates on Rapidprint, Acroprint, and Widmer date time stamps:

The solid brass plate is factory machined to a standard thickness.  Your individual machine will have its own unique adjustments and measurements.  Each plate must be custom installed. 

How to do this:
Your plate comes with two new screws.  Discard any old screws that you have.
Install your plate and test to be sure it is printing in the right direction.
If it does not print well, then you will need to raise the print surface (the plate) from the base - the movement.  To do this:
1)  Turn the screws back about two turns.
2)  Take some paper, cut it to fit behind the metal die plate. 
3)  Fold it over, make it thicker, one to two times, then insert it behind the plate.
4)  Tighten the screws and test.
    Adjust as necessary.  Call us if you have any questions!