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How to reset an Icon TimeVue clock

Instructions on how to reset an icon timevue time clock. 

Press the lock button, enter 00 00 00.  See "Management" or something like it.

Press IN and OUT at the same time, then release them.  It should go in to a diagnostic mode.
Keep trying if you must, but get to that diagnostic mode.
Let it run for 10 seconds (don't waste time waiting longer, it will run until you retire).
Unplug, the plug the power back in.   In about two minutes, it will complete the Memory Check, and probably say "PASSED"  - which really doesn't mean anything.
Now, launch the software and connect the cable to the clock.  Go to the Time Clock list. 

Select TEST and see if it communicates.  If it doesn't, and you try all the available ports, "game over" for that clock.
Next, select "SET TIME" and set the date and time from your laptop.
Next, select "RESET ALL CLOCKS" from the same screen, then close the clock list screen.
Lastly, Poll the clock and test it.
That's all there is to it!  We make I.T. easy!

If you have an Icon timevue system and need technical support, we can help.