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Technical Support Correspondance - this could be you!
Considering buying technical support?  Read this actual support letter:
From: Time Source [mailto:timesource@hotmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2011 8:59 AM
To: Paul Gillen Jr
Subject: TimeSource

The steps:
1)  We do the payroll:
Check everyones punches before you sign-off on the payroll.
2)  We repair the system:
A)  Go to the clock, press the lock button, enter 090666 for the security code.
     You will be in the Management section.
     Press together, and release together, IN and OUT.
     It will go in to a diagnostic mode.
     Let it run about 5 minutes.  No longer.  Come back, call us right away if it gets stuck and has a code staying on the display.
B)  If it's still running, unplug the power cord, come back in 2 minutes.  The time will say 12:00 or so.  The machine will be totally cleared.
     Confirm that, go back to the administrators computer (the one that polls the clock).
     Open up the Clock list, starting at the very left of the dial-up string, in all capital letters, type exactly this:
     Then press the enter key, or the action button on the far right of the dial up string.  This should (not always), set the clock's date and time from your PC.
     If it doesn't take, go out to the clock, press the lock button, press 00 00 00 00 to access the management area.  Use the arrows to locate Set Date/Time.
     Hit Enter to go in, use the numbers, Enter, and arrows to navigate it.  Set the date, set the time.  Save your work by hitting Enter. 
     Hint:  The backspace key is the Clear button.
C)  Back at the software, open up Clocks again, select Reset All Clocks.  Close that screen.
     Poll the clock again.      Almost done.
D)  Go back out to the clock, punch in everyone that is at work, again. 
     The clock was erased, you have to punch them IN so that they can punch OUT for lunch.
E)  Poll the clock again. It should poll without problem.
     Check peoples files.  You will probably have to click on and delete the second IN punch, and clean up the punch list for everyone.

Joe, everything is back up and running as it should. Thanks Again.
Thank You,
Paul Gillen Jr.
IS/IT Dept Manager
Interior WooDesigns