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How To: Completely erase an employees records from TimeVue software
If you want to completely erase all tracks of the person ever being there, go to the employees' punch list. 
Change their name to Demo Guy.  Delete or change other information about them.
Click on each punch pair line, and click on the trash can. 
Once you've erase all the punches, then go through the normal process of deletion.
1) In the employee file, delete them from the clock.   Click on the clock, then click on the red X.
2) At the top of the page, look for the little girl image with the red X, click on that, select OK.
3) Archive your data, remove punches up until the selected date, save the archive file where you are already saving them - it's in the instructions we send with every system.  You have to read and learn that.
4) Open the CLOCK button, select RESET ALL CLOCKS and close it.
5) Select Get Punch Data and poll the clock.
The person should be gone from your employee list.