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Deleting employees in Icon TimeVue software

Deleting Employees in TimeVue software:  

Note: Deleting employees does not erase their records or history.


1)      When employees leave the company, make sure they have punched out.

2)      To delete an employee, go to their file and select the clock with the RED X in it.

3)      Delete them from the clock.

4)      Now select the TrashCan Icon, and click it.

5)      This will change them to “Deleted” or “Delete Pending”.

6)      Make an archive.  Tell it to Delete Old Punch Data prior to… accept the default date.

7)      When this is done, go to CLOCKS, tell it to reset all clocks and close that screen.

8)      Poll the clock.

9)      Now your employee count should be back donw, feeing up that employee’s space in your active employee total.


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