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How to replace old Icon TimeVue software with new Icon software

How to archive, delete, then replace Icon TimeVue software:


These instructions are for people who already have an existing Icon TimeSource, or Icon TimeVue system.


While you are doing this, the employees can punch in and out at the clock.

Connect the new terminal.  Select Clock from the switchboard.  Select SET TIME and set the time.  Then select RESET ALL CLOCKS and close it.  Poll the clock.  Everyone will be active at the clock.  Now they can punch in and out, it’s that simple.


Once that is done, you can do this whenever you want:  Time to complete:  Normally under 15 minutes.  No punches will be lost, the employees can continue to use while you upgrade the system.


1)      Archive your existing data to a thumb drive.

2)      Go to the control panel, delete TimeVue, and Version 8 reports module.  That’s two separate deletions.  Agree to any and all warnings.

3)      Reboot the computer.

4)      Load the software, including the V8 reports module.

5)      Register the software online – you will need to do this to get the activation code.  Print it out and save it.

6)      Reboot the computer with the CD in it.

7)      Be patient, let it do it’s registry work, the after you’ve restarted the program, remove the CD.

8)      Put that thumb drive back in.

9)      Launch the program, select RESTORE. Tell it to Append to existing data.

10)  Accept any warnings, again.

11)  Test the communications.

12)    Go to Clock, tell it to Reset all clocks.

13)      Poll the clock.  Now your numbers will work