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Replacing Icon TimeSource with Icon TimeVue

Do this when you have 30 minutes to spare.

First:  Make an archive of your data.  Make two of them.  Save one where you normally save it, make another on a portable thumb drive then unplug it.

This is your safety-net.


From the TimeSource program, print out the Time Clock Rules.

Print out the Time Clock List.


Close TimeSource, go to the Control Panel and remove the program.  Remove the Version 8 rules if you see them, too.  Look for a program called TIBBO.  If it is on the list, remove it.

Expect to get warnings about shared files.  Leave the shared files in place.  Delete everything else.  You can’t run TimeSource and TimeVue on the same computer, it simply will not work.  Both programs will stop working as they will conflict.


Reboot your computer.  Cold Reboot.


Load the TimeVue CD.  Follow the prompts, register on line.  The instructions are in the “Cheat Sheets”.


After you have loaded the software and rebooted the system, find the RESTORE button.

Navigate to the archive you made 30 minutes ago.  Tell it to APPEND TO EXISTING DATA.  Don’t overwrite.  Once that is done, go to Clocks.  See if your clock is there, and make sure the RS232 COM Port number matches.  Click test, you should connect.


Check the Time Clock Rules, make sure they match your printout.


Now just poll the clock and you should be good to go.