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Time Clock Rounding Examples

Rounding Rules and Examples


15/7/8  (1/4 hour rounding)      

8:07 pays as an 8:00 punch  (rounds back)

8:08 pays as an 8:15 punch  (rounds forward)

            8:07 “Docks them”.


Working examples:

15/7/8  (1/4 hour rounding)

I arrive at 7:53:00AM, it starts to pay me from 8:00:00AM

 >>> 7:52:59AM would pay from 7:45:00AM

I leave at 5:07:59PM, it pays me back to 5:00:00PM

>>> 5:08:00PM would pay to 5:15:00PM


Definitions and Examples:

None:  (No rounding) Accumulates 100% of all time registered on the clock, calculates totals to 1/100th of an hour.


Quarter Hour: Rounds and calculates punches from nearest quarter of an hour, with the split occurring in the middle of each quarter hour.  Often referred to as 15/7/8 rounding.


To illustrate:            7 minutes 59 seconds rounds back.   

            8 minutes 00 seconds rounds forward.


Example:            A punch at 7:52am would calculate as 7:45am

                        A punch at 7:53am would calculate as 8:00am

                        8:07 pays back to 8:00

                        8:10 pays forward to 8:15

                        Combined example:

                        7:53 to 8:07 pays to 8:00

                        8:08 to 8:22 pays to 8:15

                        8:23 to 8:37 pays to 8:30

                        8:38 to 8:52 pays to 8:45