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Upgrading from Icon TimeSource to Icon TimeVue software

Joe Wagner, Jr.


Florida Time Clock, Inc. Est. 1991

March 3, 2010



Transferring data, bringing it all forward from TimeSource V7 to TimeVue:  You simply make an archive of your existing data to a thumb drive (I'd put it in a thumb drive AND in a separate folder on my desktop to be safe).  Just this time, "do not" delete old punch data (select NO to that).    Be sure you have a file called: Time Clock Records” for your archives.


Duplicity is always the best policy when moving such critical information.  I back up my computers 3 different ways before I replace or rebuild them.  2 thumb drives, one portable hard drive.  Every night we backup all changes to two different systems on the internet; (internet is done every night, two different systems at different times).


Completely uninstall TimeSource from the control panel.  It will error, it always does.  Uninstall the TS8 reports module as well.  You will be installing the TimeVue updated (and virtually identical but the code has changed) V8 reports from the new CD.


There’s more:
Right click on Start, locate C: Programs.  Locate The TimeSource Folder (not the one you have your backups/archives in).  Delete it.  Reboot the computer.


Now you are ready to install the TimeVue Program.  If you already have the demo version installed, delete it as well, and reboot.  I have never had any luck running the two programs on the same computer.  If you are running the demo TimeVue and TimeSource on the same computer, stop at this time and do this clean install.


After you have deleted the above programs, install and run this utility – it cleans up computers, keeps them fresh, running fast.  Tip:  Always run the backup when prompted:
http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download   It’s freeware and it is an excellent program.  At the very least, run the registry cleaner utility.  If you ever want to protect yourself from keyloggers and other horrible worms and botnets, this saved us:  http://www.malwarebytes.org/  Download the free version.

At the very least, run the registry cleaner utility.

This should get you started.


We will include our “cheat sheets” on how to set everything up.  I will have pre-set the date, time, and 4 digit hand punch ID length on the terminals.  Read the cheat sheets before you begin, then the installation will actually go quite easily and in a logical manner.  We have