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How to reset the ribbon setting on an Amano time clock

Amano PIX 55 and PIX 200  

How to reset the Ink capacity indicator:

 Remove the cover.

If the ribbon is printing light, replace it.

Click here for a replacement ribbon

Click here for a key for this machine

 Replacing the INK ribbon:

Remove the cover.

Pull the two ribbon release tabs upward.

While holding the release tabs in an upward position, pull the ribbon cassette out of the cradle.  It is hinged at the top.

 Replace the ribbon by locking in the top and tipping it back in.

Suggestion service:  Reset the time while you are in there.
Put some oil on the metal bar that the ribbon moves back and forth on
Call us if you get stuck.

To Reset the INK capacity gauge:
Press the (+) and (-) buttons at the same time for 5 seconds then release.
The gauge will reset to FULL

Note: The gauge is based on a counter, like your automobiles check engine lights.

Replace the cover.