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Icon TimeVue and TimeSource Tibbo Installation

Icon TimeVue and TimeSource Tibbo Installation
Written by Joseph Wagner, 9/4/1997

Updated by Joe Wagner, 12/22/2009


To install an Icon time clock using the Tibbo TCP/IP network connection hardware and software.

Go to the Control Panel, select “Firewall Settings”.  Disable the firewall on your computer.  You will enable it after this is done, last step.  Close the Control Panel.

Locate the TIBBO file in the general Program list.
If it is not there, insert the Icon CD, then cancel out of the installation process,
Using Explore, locate the CD, then open the files.  Select a file called Ethernet, or Tibbo.
Run the Setup.exe program, and install it.  Then close it and remove the CD.


Right Click on Start (extreme lower left of the computer monitor).  Select “Run”.

In the Run box, type CMD, hit Enter.  A black screen opens.  Type Ipconfig  You will see a group of lines like this:

Connection – Specific DNS Suffix:

            IP Address  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       You need this number

            Subnet Mask  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

            Default Gateway  .  .  .  .  .  .

Write down the IP Address you get, then close this window.


Select Start again, go to Programs (all programs,) find the Icon Time Systems program folder.

Select DS Manager.

            In DS Manager, select “Auto Discovery by broadcast” if nothing is listed in that box.

            The default listing will be   Highlight the address, select Change IP

            Change it to the address you wrote down, add 50 to the last number.

            Example from above:     :à It was “102”above, now we enter 152.

Save your changes and close this program.

Find within the same Icon program group, VSP manager.

Select ADD.  Select COM 10.  Remember “COM 10”.

Make sure Transport Protocol is TCP.

It may say UDP, change it to TCP.
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