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Amano MJR7000 for semi-monthly payperiod

Bank of China, Canada

Amano MJR7000

October 22, 2009  Written by Joseph Wagner


Setting it up for a Semi-Monthly pay period.


First, clear the machine:

Put the key in the top, turn it to the right.

The display will go blank.

Press 32 E  64 E

Now press 10E 2009 # 10# 22# (todays date) 1130 (the current time)E


Press E again, press 1 # 0 # 0 E  “I”  Found at the upper left.


Press 20E   0314 # 1101 E “I”


Press 22E  5 # 16 E    E    4000 # E


“I”  turn and remove the key.


This must be done this week for these settings to work.


When you use semi-monthly pay periods, you must permanently assign a time card NUMBER to a particular employee.  Then throw away the rest of the time cards.


Example:  Cards 1,2,3, and 4 belong to Joe, Sue, Lin, and Mary.   When you begin the next pay period, Joe has to get card 1 again, Sue has to get card 2 again, Lin has to get card 3 again, and Mary has to get card 4 again.   Do not use cards 5,6,7 and 8.  They, and all the cards above them (up to 099) get thrown out.


If you hire “Ed”, he gets card 5 and keeps that number forever.  If Joe leaves the company, then after 2 months, you can reuse his number (assign card 1 to another person.)


Good luck.