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Here's the deal:  The HP1000E has a network card built in to it.  It is hard-coded and locked at 100 employees.  That's the limit.  You can put several 1000E's on the same network, 100 + 100 + 100 and on...  The software would need to be upgraded from 50 to 100 to 250 to 500 and on.  

Alternatives:  HP3000E  (E means Ethernet) is good for 512 employees and can upgrade to 9,600 (for bank vault ID's, huge companies, etc.)   So think Multiple 1000E's or one HP3000E.  The software does not upgrade automatically when you add more HP capacity.  Software is always separate.

Second alternative:
Get just one HP1000, add an external network adapter (not O.E.M., just something we know about and do a lot of).  The HP1000 can be upgraded from 50 (fifty on the non-E version) to 512.  Upgrade the software to 100 or 250.  You can only have one HP1000 + external network adapter on a given network.  It's complicated, I've tried to get around it.  We could put a 1000 + network card, and a 1000E, later, so it's not like we put ourselves in a technological box.

Now I will examine the quotes and send fresh ones showing all these ideas.  Again, I've done many of these in all these configurations.