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Long range reports in Icon Time Systems software

Restoring an archive in TimeVue and TimeSource
Read this completely, twice, before you begin.

Written by Joseph Wagner, Florida Time Clock, Inc.  1 727 864 0475   6/1/1994
Revised 3/24/2009


To do this, you should archive every month or two. At the end of the month, Give it the date.  You must remove old data as prompted by the software.


Step one:  Archive today’s data, give it today’s date. Save it to your archive folder, in this case, do not delete old punch data.


Note:  While you are working on this, Do Not “Get Punch Data” until you have restored the original files (today’s archive). 


If you do not archive today’s data and store it separately, then we will not be able to help you fix this if (when)  you make a mess of it.


Step two:  Select Restore (data).

            Go to the first file you want to restore and select it.

            This would be the earliest date you want to work with.

            Tell it to OVERWRITE EXISTING DATA.
If you want to work with a longer time frame, do this:                

            For each successive month, select any archive from that month.

                        Tell it to APPEND EXISTING DATA.

            What’s happening is that the punches overlap from archive to archive.                       

            You are re-importing them.  They will then compile in to one long, long list.

            If you make mistakes, it won’t matter, as you’ve already backed up the current

data (that was step one).

Go to “Punches,” see if they are all there.


Special Circumstances:

If a badge has been reassigned, you may have a name conflict.

When this happens, the punch data for two employees may be merged.

If it is an issue (it may not matter), then proceed to the following:

You will need to find when the card or number was reassigned. 

You will need to restore your most recent archive file (“Overwrite Existing Data” and start over.  This time you will restore the data in smaller blocks, and run reports in smaller date ranges to accommodate the time that employee was using that particular ID number.

Using the report section, select a “custom date range” and generate the reports you need.


Step 3: