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How to change an RS232 Icon terminal to a TCP/IP network terminal

How to change an RS232 Icon terminal to a TCP/IP network terminal


1)      Unplug the machine, lay the face down on a cloth or clean sheet of paper.

2)      Remove the 4 Phillips screws on the back of the machine and set the back side.

3)      Remove the 4 smaller Phillips screws from the large circuit board.

4)      Gently tip the board up and left, do not disconnect any other cables, do not damage any thin wires – it will have thin wires, the antenna wires – if it is the Proximity clock.

5)      Locate a small, removable IC chip.  Slip a tiny flat blade screw driver between it and the mounting block, remove the chip.

6)      Fold the board back in to place and screw it back down.

7)      Mount the new TIBBO network card behind (on top of) the display board, there are two holes open for the long screws and white nylon spacers.  Use the spacers.

8)      Connect the flat cable from the Tibbo board to the pins that are sticking out of the circuit board.

9)      Plug the clock back in, let it reboot.  Press the LOCK button, enter 00 00 00 00.  Use the arrows to where it says “Show Options”.  Press Enter and wait a few moments.  It will cycle through the menu.  If it says TCP/IP, you are done. 

If it says RS232, you will need to flip the cable over (reversing the connections) from the TCP/IP Tibbo board.  Then power it back up and do this diagnostic again.

10)  Lastly, put the back cover back on, and follow the directions on how to install this terminal on your network.


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