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Alex, I have tested it on XP and Vista 32. The clock communicates, it holds the date and all the punch data in the memory.  I also loaded some punches then unplugged it over the weekend.  Today, they are still there, so the machine's memory is fine.
You have a problem with your computer.  I would do this:  1) uninistall TimeVue, then reboot the computer.
2) Reinstall TimeVue, when it says 'found existing data' say "No" and continue the clean install.
3) type in the activation code.
4) Go to www.icontime.com/support and download and install the latest TimeVue update.
5) Reboot the computer.
6) Take the updated file (it has all the punches from the past, and most current) and APPEND THEM TO THE EXISTING (NEW) FILE.
Your program password is the same. 
Test the communications.  You may have to change the COMM PORT setting, it is currently at RS232 COM1
If there is a glitch in your computer that damaged the TimeVue software, this ought to fix it.  You may have a bad "I/O" board, or one that goes bad now and then.
I will be emailing you an invoice; you should call us and tell us how quickly you want it back - shipping options will be on the invoice.