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Icon RTC 1000 Time Clock Modules

Icon RTC1000 upgrades and modules
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Free-upgrade:  Multi-Clock feature.  One master license controls all the child clocks on your network.  Punch in and out on various clocks, all the data is saved in the Parent terminal (clock).  Call or email us, we’ll send you the link for this.


Employee Proximity Badges: 

This is unique:  Not only can they use ID numbers (the basic system), but you can also selectively assign some of them to Proximity Badges. 
Ed may use a 3 digit ID, Bill may use a Prox Badge. 
Bills department may all use Prox Badges, Eds may just punch in with their ID numbers.  Note: Badges are reusable after 1 month. 
Badges can be read through pockets and through many wallets and purses.

Order in blocks of 50 at $2.00 each – call in order only, one-time offer per customer


RulesPlus Pack, RTC1000 Time Clock Rules:

Adds the following:
1) Non-Worked Hours:  Sick, Vacation, PTO, Training, etc

2) Overtime calculation – essential for bi-weekly and semi-monthly pay periods

            Edit them for unique situations:              Examples:

1.5 at 40, 2.0 at 48            1.5 at 8, 2.0 at 12 or as needed
            California Overtime, including consecutive day OT rules
            Canada OT:  44 hours, this can do it.
3) Revision Zones – Examples:
    Punch in at 6:40, start paying wages at 7:00     3:30 to 3:45 pays back to 3:30


Icon RTC1000 Departments:

In the basic system, there is just one gigantic department.

Adding Departments lets you
1) Break down the reports for better analysis
2) Assign custom IN - punch zones (see above) by department
3) Monitor and more efficiently control overtime expense

4) Up to 32 departments

5) Allows for Departmental Transfers
    * Pay wages according to the department they are working in, no more guessing.


Mobility Pack – Custom Alerts:

Emails you, or anyone you want, hours and attendance alerts that you have flagged.

1)      Who’s approaching overtime – a money saver