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Sent: Sun 12/14/08 3:25 PM
To: timesource@hotmail.com
THANK YOU!!  There's nothing close to these instructions in the handbook I got!  I was stuck at "Setting Up Your Time Clock"  where it tells me to connect it to my computer with the serial cable!!  I will attempt this now.

From: timesource@hotmail.com
To: junebug421@msn.com
Subject: RE: Florida Time Clock, Inc. Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 14:30:40 -0500

Regan, I check the emails daily, I saw this on Sunday around 2PM, and can feel your frustration, so I'm replying right away.
I think I understand where the confusion is coming from.
The good news is, you're going to be just fine.   This is what I think is going on:
This is a telephone connection only, telephone modem terminal.
It will not work with an RS232 cable connector.  It only communicates via telephone line.  The RS232 cable will not work for you, that's why it was not included.
This is what you need to do, and how it works:
Set up the software in your computer. 
1) Go to TIME CLOCKS, give the clock a number (1) and a name, any name will work for now. Close that screen.
2) Go to Departments, Enter the departments, change all lunch values from 30 minutes to 00.  Trust me.  Add new departments by selecting the + at the top of the screen.  When done, close Departments.  They will alphabetize automatically when you restart the program.
3) Go to Employees, and enter the employees, select a department for each employee, press + to go to the next employee, X when you are done.  
4) Reboot your computer and then restart the program.   Do it in this order.
Next, set the date and time in the terminal, manually.  To do this:
1) Press the lock button, press 0 0 0 0 0 0 It wll go into a managment mode.

2) Using the ^ arrow, navigate to SET DATE AND TIME.  Press Enter when you see it. 
3) Continue to press Enter accept the values until you find what needs changing. 
4) Use the up/down arrows and enter to make the changes and save them. 
5) Press Enter to lock in your changes, then press LOCK to exit the program. 
Once the departments and employees are set up, you simply upload everything to the terminal via the dialup.
To make it communicate: 
1) Hook up the clock at the other location, connect it to the phone fax line, make sure the fax is unplugged.
Make sure the phone line at the restaurant is working, make sure the clock has power, double-check the connections.
2) Go back to your computer, make sure the telephone line is connected to the modem port on your computer.
3) From the TimeVue software, select TIME CLOCKS from the menu.  At the top of the list are some circles.  Click on the one that is second from the right. This will say "RESET ALL CLOCKS". It will do nothing at this time but it will remember the command.
4) Directly below, in the clock list, change TYPE from RS232 to Modem. 

5) In the dialup string (to the right), starting at the very left column, enter:  MODEM:ATE1:5551212 (your number at the clock/fax as you would normally dial it) then press TEST. 
Please note that it's important to preceed the phone number with the MODEM:ATE1:  all in caps, in that box, with no spaces.
6) Change the COM PORT setting as needed and press TEST, until it finally connects.
You will hear all the beeps and squeals that are customary, when it connects.
7) Once you've locked in the proper com port setting, "X" out of the Clock list to save your settings.
8) To the right of TIME CLOCKS is Get Punch Data.  Open that and select Poll All.
This will send up all the employee punch data from your computer to the clock, and activate everything.  It will take about 1 minute to complete.
This is in the instructions we wrote, and in the instructions from the manufacturer's owners manual, but sometimes it helps to read a different version, such as this one I am writing for you at this moment.
If you need assistance with this, Icon can help you, but you will need to be calling from a different phone