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About Biometric Time Clocks

Biometric time clocks have been on the innovative front line in the industry of employee time clocks.  Biometric time clocks remove issues such as buddy punching.  Biometric time clocks require the user to place their hand or finger in a scanning device.  This device will read that body part and match the identity of the user. 

Biometric time clocks come in forms like the Acroprint TimeQ Plus, the Icon HP1000, the Lathem TouchStation, the Pyramid TimeTrax Bio, and the Acroprint Secure Punchin.  Obviously the fingerprint reading models provide a small scanning surface where the user places their finger.  This scanning system will map the major features of the user's fingerprint, thus identifying them.  The Icon HandPunch technology scans the hand topography with beams of light all along the back of the hand. 

Organizations interested in accurate employee time and attendance should look seriously at biometric employee time clock systems.  Biometrics to accurately handle time and attendance duties.  Many biometric time clocks are attached to the corporate network.  Several biometric time clocks will generate fantastic reports for your review.

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