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How to upgrade and older version of TimeSource to the newest version

This is a portion of an actual correspondance we sent to a customer in Colorado, on how to update their TimeSource Lite software from TimeSource V7.3F to Time Source V7.4H, which is the latest version.   When you do business with us, you get our famous “incredible service“.   Joe Wagner, Founder, 1991

Jim: You will need the original TimeSource CD.  Call me immediately if you don't have it.
Once you have it, go here:
Print this page out.

All you do is:
1a) Make a New Folder on your desktop, call it TC file to delete.
1b) Back up your file (make a current archive, delete nothing), save it to the above folder.
2) Print out your Time Clock Rules (sometimes it gets cleared during this process)
3) download this file (... ID=23)
3b) Save it to the TimeSource directory.  Open and run this new file.
4) Tell it to Overwrite existing data (ignore the warnings, you have already backed it up, see #1)

5) Restart the program.  Go to RESTORE
6) Restore the archive (tell it to Append to existing data)
-----   In #4 you Overwrite, in #6 you Append   ----
-----   As you have made a current archive in step 1, you have the perfect safety-net.
Now check the punches.  They should all be there.
Check the Rules.  Re-enter them if they are not there.

7) Install the Version 8 report generator.  It enhances the original report folder.
Save this to the TimeSource folder as well.  It's fast and needs little explaination other than to just save and open it.
8) When done, after you've checked your punches and have it communicating, delete the new file:  TC file to delete.

This is how I do it.  I also use a yellow hi-liter as I go through the steps, checking them off as I go.
Call me if you need help.