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Icon RTC1000 now works with multiple clocks, more than one on a networ

The RTC-1000 Offers New Multi-clock Integration

Managing multiple time clocks or multiple locations has just become a whole lot simpler!

Whether you have a Local Area Network, a Wide Area Network, or no network at all the RTC-1000 Universal Time Clock now offers the simplest multi-clock solution available in the market today.

Using the Ethernet option, the multi-clock feature allows multiple clocks to share one common database through your network or even the Internet by automatically integrating data from all time clock terminals into one.

Multi-clock integration works exclusively with Ethernet communication. If you are using the USB or Serial connection options you must change your communication to Ethernet to integrate multiple clocks.

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The RTC-1000 is not recommended for systems of more than 4 time clocks and more than 100 employees. If your company exceeds this number of time clocks or employees give us a call for more information on compatible upgrades for your system.