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Anti-Microbial Time Cards

Acroprint Introduces Antimicrobial Time Cards

RALEIGH, NC — January 22, 2008 — Employees are spending longer hours at work and more time than ever before at their desks. University of Arizona microbiologist, Dr. Charles Gerba conducted a recent study that found the average office desk may contain 400 times more germs than an office toilet seat. Employees and employers are becoming more aware of products that offer added protection against bacteria and other microbes.

Acroprint introduces innovative time cards that use built-in antimicrobial technology for added protection. The average weekly employee working forty hours can punch in/out using a time card four times per day. Over five days, the employee has touched the time card over twenty times. At the end of the week, all of those time cards are collected and given to the employee handling payroll. With growing employer concerns over employee absenteeism and office cleanliness, Acroprint antimicrobial time cards offer a better way to handle time and attendance processes.

Not only do these time cards use antimicrobial technology, they are made from 30% post consumer recycled content. Branded Green Guard, these antimicrobial time cards were especially designed to be used with Acroprint side print time recorders and time clocks. Acroprint antimicrobial time cards are offered in packs of 200 and 400 with both single-sided and double-sided options.

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