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How to assign a BADGE or KeyFob to an Icon P600 and TotalPass

There is an easy way to check if the keyfobs and badges work: 
Just present them to the clock.  A "good" one will beep and say "Badge Not Assigned." 
That indicates it is being read - the badge works.  It is just not assigned to anyone.

Step-by-step procedure to assign a badge/KeyFob:

First, they must be installed in the clock via the software. 
Print or write out a list of the employee ID numbers and names. 
You must enter the full 4,5,6,7,8 or 9 digit employee clock ID NUMBER.  Alphabets don't work.   
Employee one, with a 4 digit number, is 0 0 0 1 not "1".
At the clock:  Press the lock button and enter your management access code (00 00 00 00 or whatever you have changed it to)

Press the down arrow 4 times, see "Assign Badges" Press the ENTER button on the left.
See Enter Emp PIN.  Type in the full employee clock PIN 
See Wave Badge on the display.  Present the KeyFob.  They work within 3/4 of an inch, anywhere above the keypad. 
       ****    We just tell people to touch them so that they don't wave them 36" away.

Enter the next employee's number.  It takes about 4 seconds to cycle through to the next one (the delay).

When done, just hit Clear a couple times, or walk away.  The clock automatically exits Management Mode in about 30 to 60 seconds.

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