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Copywrite Laws

Copywrite Laws: 
Our images are "our images." Some are obtained from manufacturers, some are taken off the open web for illustration - such as WiFi symbols, product images, etc.

We ask that you do not use them if they were created by us.  Except in egregious use such as using our name as yours, we will not sue.  As a matter of courtesy, please use your own images.  If we find our images on your website, and if we feel that it is impacting our business, we will make one request that you remove it permanently.  We do not have to prove damages, we just need proof (a dated screenshot) as evidence.  We want to be polite, and ask you do the same.

If you find that we have used one of your images, please contact us and we will remove it. We are only human.

Download the USA Copywrite Law, here.