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Rapidprint Time Stamp Repairs in Florida

September, 2020:

We repair Rapidprint date time stamps. Including the following models:  Rapidprint AR-E, Rapidprint AR-C, Rapidprint AR-L, and Rapidprint AR-N series machines

We can fix the ribbon feed, replace dead motors, replace blown circuit boards.  We can fix them when they stop keeping time and when they stop stamping.

We can also replace the expired year wheels. Your local dealer has closed, that's how you found us.  Florida Time Clock is licensed and insured, has SAMS and DUNS numbers, and is a listed State of Florida and Federal Government vendor. We work with many of the courthouses in Florida, and many out of state.  We also sell parts for those who can do the work themselves, and ribbons for Rapidprint, Widmer, and Acroprint time stamps.

All work is guaranteed for one year.  We have been in business for thirty years, with humble beginnings back in 1991.  We also sell new Rapidprint and Widmer time stamps.  Call us today!