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How to make an Amano TCX clock print better

How to Make an Amano TCX punch clock print better

This is a mechanical repair.  You will need a #2 Phillips screw driver.

Remove the plastic cover.  Look at the keypad.  the three button key pad is on top of the large metal assembly that covers the printer. 
This assembly is hinged on top, in the back, left and right.  Locate the Phillips screws on the outer left and outer right. 

Loosen one turn each.  There may be a plastic zip tie holding the top down, cut it.  That's actually packing material.

Tip up that whole assembly.  Locate the OTHER two round steel bars, they go up and down (vertical), just like the one that guides the printer, which is horizontal.

At the top of these bars is a plate with two Phillips screws.  Loosen one screw by 1/2 turn. 
Remove the other screw.   It doesn't matter which one.  Remove one of the two springs and throw it away.

Put the plate back in position and tighten both screws. Put the top down and tighten both screws.
Make a test print.

As a courtesy, please let us know if this worked for you.

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