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Program my Lathem LT5000
Custom Comments are a unique feature of the LT5000 document stamp. Standard and Customized Comments can be set to be used on 1 or both of the 2 print lines available on either of the 4 available print sets.

To program the customized comments:
1. Open up an Internet browser on a computer and go to
2. Sign in or Create an Account for the website.

3. Click on the +New button at the top of the screen.
4. To create your custom comments, click on the desired Print Set tab.
    (Please note: You can have up to 4 different print sets programmed to the
    corresponding A B C D buttons on the LT5000.)
A. To the right of Print Line 1, please click on Edit Custom Comments.
B. Click on the +New button
C. Next to Name, type in an identifier for your custom comment. You can use this later to quickly select this comment without having to enter the text again.
D. Next to Comment, type what you would like your LT5000 to print on the selected Print Line.
    Please Note:
          The total number of characters that print depend on the characters
          themselves as well as the font size.
          On average a line can print; Regular Font – 24, Small Font – 28,
          Bold Font - 20 E.

          The Insert Control Code drop down can be used to add Date, Time, or
          Font to your custom comment Print Line.
F. Click Save
G. Click Close 5. Using the drop down menu beside Print line 1,
     select your newly created custom comment or print line options.

6. If applicable on Print line 2, set any custom comments or print line options.
7. Optional: The Settings tab can be used to change General and Print Format options. 8. Click Save at the top of the screen
9. Click the Download button to save the custom comments and copy them to a USB flash drive.

Please Note: When you download the settings to a USB drive for the first time, the web browser may add a suffix to the filename. The suffix will need to be removed before loading the USB drive into the LT5000.
For Example: My USB thumb drive may have FILENAME(1).TXT on it.
I would need to remove the (1) from the name of the file. Please Note: The following Characters are not allowed when creating a customer comment: ! % ( ) = ? < >