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How to install TimeVue on a new computer - from an old computer

Angle Care ALF   RE Florida Time Clock, St. Petersburg, FL  May, 2016

Doctor Jay:

Install the new software disk in the new computer.  Accept all the default settings.

Once it’s done installing, reboot the computer and leave the CD in.  Once that’s done (please be patient), remove the CD.  It will prompt you to register it, and I think it can be done online.  Do that.  This will give you an ACTIVATION CODE.  Write it down in the owners manual, save the manual and the disk to a file called “time clock” in your file cabinet, along with these instructions.

At the old PC, the laptop, open up TimeVue, select the folder that says ARCHIVE

Next, save the archive to a USB thumb drive.  Don’t remove old punches.

You can now close the program on the old computer.
Put the thumb drive with this file (archive.arc) in to the new computer.

Select Restore (next item down), and “navigate” to the file on the thumb drive, it’s menu driven.
Select APPEND TO EXISTING DATA.     ** Do not select “overwrite existing data.”

This will bring in everything from the old computer.  Your employees, records, and settings.
Remove the USB  thumbdrive, you no longer need this file (safe to erase it).

Connect and power up the clock.  Connect first, power it up second.
Open the clock list, start testing the com ports, 1 – 8.  It should work.

Call us if you get stuck, we're here till 7:30 tonight.