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Acroprint ET Automatic Date and Time Stamp
Acroprint ET

Quietest Operation - it still makes some sound of course. One Year Factory Guarantee. ET model only.

Our Price: $479.50
Acroprint ET

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 95 Acroprint ET Ribbons (One Dozen)Acroprint ET Ribbons (One Dozen)$72.00
Click 94 Acroprint ET Time Stamp RibbonAcroprint ET Ribbon$6.95
Click 242 Lower Engraved Stamp PlateEngraved Plate, below the time/date$49.00
Click 72 Upper Die PlateUpper Time Stamp Die Plate$49.00


Acroprint ET Automatic Time Stamp

Prints on documents up to 1/8'' thick.

 Heavy-duty motor ensures accuracy, while the electronically controlled printing provides clean, instant registrations.

Metal type wheels, adjustable impressions, reversing ribbon.

Upper and/or lower die plates available for custom engraved messages.