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E7 Time Cards
E7, box of 1000

Lathem 7000e and 7500e time cards - 10 packs of 100. In Stock, Low Web Pricing.

Our Price: $78.00
Lathem E7 time cards

Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 10 Time Clock RibbonTime clock ribbon, box of 2$24.00
Click 153 Lathem and Acroprint KeyTime Clock Key #600$8.50


Lathem E7 time cards

Ten packs of 100.    1,000 cards per order
Our ability to order in large quantities save you money.
This a a two-sided time card.  Side one is Black.  Side two is Red

Side two is enabled once side one is completely full


Fits Lathem 7000, Lathem 7000e, and Lathem 7500 aka Lathem 7500e

UPC 000924470019