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Loud 6" fire bell
110V shop bell, 96-102dB

110V Bell. 6", 96dB is LOUD. Compact size, big performance. Red color, this is a fire bell. Two Year Guarantee

Our Price: $89.00
Factory bell

Work Shift - Factory Bell

6 inch bell, 110volts, shop bell and warehouse bell

96-102dB at 1 meter, depending on conditions  .46MA draw

Using an Android app, we've been testing.

A bedroom at night in the country, windows closed:  28 - 32 db
A bedroom at night in the city with the windows closed:  42- 46 db

Office environment, people chattering:  62db

American Airlines 737 inside just behind the wing during takeoff  82 - 86dB
Same jet, landing with the reverse thrusters on:  88db  That ROAR you hear..

So this is LOUDER.

It seems that no one offers anything louder than 102db, max, unless it goes on a train, ocean liner, or fog horn.  In some cases, loudspeakers are used on farms, we don't have them, but our equipment will ring them.


More bells or horns are not louder;

it just makes it more pervasive - easier to hear through the machinery,
across the room, over the backround noise.