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Amano MJR-Plus
MJR-Plus Model 100E

Self-totaling time card time clock. 100 employees, user programmable with free technical support. Free basic online punch app. Similar to Amano MJR7000.

Our Price: $425.00
MJR-Plus 100E

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 795 MJR-Plus Time Cards50 MJR Plus cards, #1 - 50$7.50
Click 796 MJR-Plus Time Cards100 MJR Plus cards, #1 - 100$15.00
Click 797 MJR-Plus Time Cards1,000 MJR Plus cards, #1 - 100$139.00
Click 794 MJR-Plus RibbonMJR-Plus Ribbon$18.95
Click 800 10 card time card rackSmall self-totaling time clock time card holder$20.00
Click 12 25 card time card rackLarge self-totaling time clock time card holder$31.00
Click 798 Programming cards 1-3MJR-Plus Prog Cards 1-3$13.00
Click 799 Programming cards 4-6MJR-Plus Prog Cards 4-6$13.00
Click 52 Amano Time Guardian SoftwareSoftware with HandPunch support$269.00


MJR-Plus 100E Basic Clock (no extras)

Free Cloud App where you can manually enter punches for each employee and share with other managers
3 Basic, and 3 Advanced Programming cards - Used to set up pay period, rounding, etc.

Needed:  Time Cards.  Optional:  10 or 25 slot time card racks

From the Manufacturer:
"The MJR-PLUS is the next generation calculating time clock designed to streamline employee attendance tracking, improve workplace efficiency and eliminate timekeeping hassles. The MJR-PLUS combines cutting edge technology with user friendly features to make managing employee attendance a breeze."


MJR-Plus Features:

Ability to interface with FREE hosted cloud application

  • Scalable up to 100 employees
  • Paid break feature
  • Automatic Lunch Deduction feature
  • Accumulated totals for regular hours and two overtime levels
  • Automatic calculation of daily and weekly overtime
  • Programmable automatic break deductions
  • Large, easy to read digital Liquid Crystal Display
  • Perpetual calendar
  • Easily programmed through the use of programming cards
  • Accommodates weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly pay period
  • Wall or table mount
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment
  • Memory backup for power failures
  • Multiple Punch Rounding Options - None, tenth, and 1/4 hour (15 Minute)
  • IN-Punch and OUT-Punch rounding zones override standard rounding for you
  • Simple, easy employee operation
  • Easy ribbon change
  • Up to eight punches per day
  • Note:  Does NOT ring bells.  Other Amano products do, not the MJR-Plus clocks
  • This is essentially an Amano MJR7000, without the bell ringing capability.

Essentially, if you have 110V and it's not freezing or wet, you can use this.

Power:  110/120AC, 60HZ (powers a tiny wall charger that runs the clock)
Power Consumption:  Normally 1/10th of an Amp (1 Watt)
Temperature Range:   14 to 110F  (Canadian: -10 to +40C)
Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing.  (Canadian: 10% to 90%, no rain)
Dimensions:  6" Wide, 9.25" Tall (Plus room for the card), 4" Deep  [CDN: The same :=)]
Weight:  2.42 lbs, .92Kg
Memory:  Clock and program data is secure for 3 years without AC power


MJR-Plus Upgrades:

There are two: 

Add Amano TimeGuardian Software, then all punches will be automatically updated into your shared software on your network, as they happen.  Adjust punches in the software, run reports, export to ADP, .CSV, Paychex, SurePay, QuickBooks, and a few others.  You own this, there are no ongoing fees.  See Amano TimeGuardian software in the list above, or simply start with the TGN-Plus A360 version, which is also on our website.

   Go to Hosted, using Amano's Cloud services. 

You can upgrade anytime.  Now, or later.