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Hand Punch Hurricane Cabinet
Protective Hand Punch Cabinet

Protects against snow, sleet, rain, dust, falling dirt and debris. Hinged at the top, always closes properly. 5 year guarantee.

Our Price: $429.00
HP Hurricane

Hand Punch Hurricane outside cabinet

Got a rough environment? Ouside? Dusty shop?Is it on a loading dock or back wall of the building?  This does the job.



A little rain never hurt anyone, and a lot of rain won't hurt the Hurricane enclosure.
Constructed from high-impact ABS plastic, the unit is designed for direct weather 
A generous lid offers protection from driving rain, and the contoured design facilitates water runoff.
The Hurricane has been designed so it can be added to an existing installation.
When used with a heater-equipped HandReader (INT-HTR option), it provides the ultimate solution for cold weather, direct exposure environments.