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Detex Guardsman - DISCONTINUED
Guardsman Watchclock

No longer available. Production ceased 12/30/2011. Parts, supplies are still available. Best replacement: Amano PR600 system.

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Guardsman® Information
Production Ended 12/30/2011
Best replacement is the Amano PR600 Kit
  • Detex Guardsman, the original Detex Guard Clock
    Solid metal, cowhide leather case.

    1. The Guardsman, unlike most watchclocks, provides an uninterrupted record of a watchman's activities for up to 120 hours.
    2. For your company, its extended time-keeping capacity translates into total control and accountability for weekends, holidays and plant closings, as well as routine overnight patrols.
    3. The advancement of the tape is synchronized with the clock mechanism so that consecutive station registrations appear as an unbroken band of numbers; missed stations appear as conspicuous gaps.
    4. The Guardsman has a solid aluminum housing, heat-treated crystal, and a riveted and reinforced case of horse-saddle leather.



    • Uninterrupted time-keeping for up to 120 hours
    • Embossed record made directly from raised numerals on the recording keys without ribbon, carbons, or inking devices
    • Highly accurate eight-day shock resistant movement with 11-jewel escapement
    • Tracks up to 40 stations
    • Tampering detector tells you if clock has been opened or closed.
    • Requires winding only once a week.
    • Tapes are virtually impossible to counterfeit.
    • Underwriters Laboratories listed and Factory Mutual approved
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