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Detex Newman

No longer available. Production ceased 12/30/2011. Parts, supplies are still available. Best replacement: Amano PR600 system.

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Newman® Information:
Production ended 12/30/2011.   Alternative:  Amano PR600 (click here)

The Newman was the first portable watchclock of American design. Built to a high standard of quality and ruggedly constructed, it is simple in operation and provides maximum service with minimum wear. The Newman was also the first portable watchclock to receive the labels of Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual. It is approved by insurance companies worldwide.


When using the Newman, a record is made when a tour station key is inserted into the clock and turned. This creates an embossed impression on a preprinted paper dial within the watchclock. This records the station and the time that the officer visited this location.

The Newman watchclock has an 11-jewel spring-wound movement that requires rewinding only once a week.


  • The only dial watchclocks that provide an embossed, 24 hour record made directly by raised numeral on the recording keys without ribbons, carbons or inking devices.
  • Advancement of the dial is syncronized with the clock mechanism, so that consecutive station registrations appear as unbroken bands of numbers; missed stations appear as conspicuous gaps.
  • Will accomodate up to 40 stations.
  • Tampering detector indicates if clock has been opened or closed.
  • Dials and tapes are virtually impossible to counterfeit.
  • Underwriters Laboratories listed and Factory Mutual approved.