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uAttend Web and PC Punch
SmartPhone/Home & PC Punch

SmartPhone web punch clock app, uses cloud-based uAttend technology. Add to an existing uAttend system, or run solo! See below for info.

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web hosted time clock system

uAttend SmartPhone, Office PC and Home Office time clock app

  • It's simple: Read all about uAttend on the other pages, then come back here.
    1) Select this item and register online.
  • 2) Come back to this page, download this application for your smartphone
    If you are not using a smartphone, call us and we will set up your land line connection.

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  • GPS enabled! 
  • Shows the current GPS coordinates when the employee signs IN and OUT. You will know where they are. Your phone must be GPS capable for the GPS coordinates to work.
  • Land-Line enabled! The telephone number would be on the “Safe“ list, other numbers do not work, just that particular number at that location.
  • Everyone can use the same smartphone or tablet, or any smartphone/tablet that has the app on it!
  • There are three levels of access to the account:
    Password for “User“
    Password for “Supervisor“
    Password for “Administrator“

Job Codes: If you need this, it's built-in: An employee can scroll through and select a preset job code, which the Administrator sets up in the software.

Direct-Dial in process:  If the employee will not, or cannot use the App, they can dial in on an (800) number.  The cost is 15 cents per landline punch.  Using the phone App cost nothing.

All uAttend web hosted employee time clocking systems include:

  • Unlimited departments - Separate and segment employees any way you like!
  • Overtime - Weekly, Daily, and 7th day consecutive overtime
  • Revision Zones - Also known as In-Punch and Out-Punch Rounding Zones
  • Lock Out Zones - Block punches when you don't want them
  • Who's-IN board See your work force status in Real Time
  • Punch Notifications - Get emails any time any employee punches
  • Accruals - Track vacation, sick, and other accruals
  • Punch rounding - Select from several options
  • Automatic Lunch Deductions - Customizable for your requirements
  • Time Card Approvals - 3 levels of authority to use at your discretion
  • Email Time Cards to Employees - Daily, weekly, or once per pay period
  • Multiple Time Zones - set regional time zone to employee
  • Automatic Break Additions - Stay in compliance with all paid break regulations
  • Holidays - Track holidays as paid and set pay codes based on working
  • Multiple Pay Period options - Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly
  • View & Print Time Cards in Batches - individually or in batches
  • Summary Reports - Data ready to be used for payroll
  • Reports - Run time reports by employee, department, or system wide
  • Exports - Dozens of payroll reports are supported, including ADP, Paychex, and Quickbooks
  • Self Service online help - find the the information you need, when you want it
  • Direct Toll-Free technical support, 8 - 5, Monday - Friday, PST
  • Much, much more! Online system updates with new features and upgrades automatically.

 Fair Billing Policy
At uAttend, you only get billed for the people who use it each month.
             Because billing should be fair and transparent

The uAttend web hosted system charges for the number of people
you have at the peak during that month cycle. 
You can cancel at any time.


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uAttend does NOT charge for additional WEB PUNCH APP USERS.

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