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uAttend CB6000
uAttend CB6000

uAttend CB6000 web punch clock system. This is a cloud hosted time clock system with PIN ID and Proximity terminals. Free shipping, USA.

Our Price: $119.99

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 523 uAttend Web and PC PunchSmartPhone/Home & PC Punch$0.00
Click 517 uAttend Key FobsRFID Key Fobs Q: 10$30.00
Click 527 uAttend Key FobsRFID Key Fobs Q: 25$70.00
Click 541 uAttend Key FobsRFID Key Fobs Q: 50$125.00
Click 539 uAttend Key FobsRFID Key Fobs Q: 100$250.00
Click 540 uAttend Key FobsRFID Key Fobs Q: 250$525.00
Click 516 uAttend BadgesRFID Badges Q: 10$25.00
Click 526 uAttend BadgesRFID Badges Q: 25$48.00
Click 583 uAttend BadgesRFID Badges Q: 50$90.00
Click 585 uAttend BadgesRFID Badges Q: 100$165.00
Click 586 uAttend BadgesRFID Badges Q: 250$375.00
Click 13 Short Badge RackBadge Rack - 12 Badges$26.00
Click 124 Large Badge RackBadge Rack - 40 Badges$31.00


Web hosted time clock system with PIN Entry or Proximity Cards/Proximity Keyfobs.

uAttend Online Demo - use OUR account!

INSTANT DEMO:  CLICK ON THIS LINE     username:  timesource@hotmail.com

Password:  Winning!

Cabled Network Connection only.
Review this information, watch the videos, scan the reports.
Thirty day money-back guarantee



Cloud based web hosted, "Live" time clock system
Hosted on Amazon's server network - massive redundancy, extremely fast, and safe
The records are updated the instant that a punch is recorded
Requires cable, DSL, or better, connection to the internet
Web enabled system, extremely flexible, month-to-month fees, no contract
See who is IN, run reports from anywhere, anytime - office home, on the road, etc.

This system works on PC's, Apples, tablets, iPhones, Androids
   - Anything with a web connection.Includes free smart-phone GPS app. 
   - Know where your outlying employees are when they punch.
   - With smart-phone app, an on-site manager can punch in a group of people
   - En-mass, on just one phone.  Makes it easy to handle a road crew.
Regarding smart phones: Allows for "Geo Fencing": You tell it
     where they have to be, for the punch to be valid.  Powerful technology.
Employees can remote-in from home, punch IN from a home PC or Apple or Tablet
Includes land line Phone Punch
   - You can select who can use the phone line, and which phone line.

Activation:  Click on this image to begin the signup process:  Technical Support.jpg

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All uAttend cloud technology systems do this - and more:

Prints time cards
Calculate all forms of overtime - USA, Canada, California, Agricultural, and so-on
Departments, and a very robust Scheduling package
In-Punch and Out-Punch Revision Zones by Department
Lock-out Zones:  Block people from punching in when not allowed
Emails scheduling violations to select managers
Emails approaching overtime alerts to select managers

Print reports by employee, and by department
Summary reports, Attendance Reports, and many more reports
Punch rounding - to the minute, 1/4, or 10th/hour
Time card approvals - up to 3 levels of manager authority
Online self-help forum, and toll-free technical support
All system updates are included
Lifetime limited product replacement (physical abuse is not covered)

Multiple time zones - corrects elapsed time for employees working
   across different time zones, compensates for clocks in different time zones.
Automatic Break Deductions
Email time cards to employees
Who's in board, see who is in, instantly.
Accruals - decide who qualifies, and what their accrued vacation/etc is so-far
And it does more.  You can pick and choose which features you want to use.

Wireless, or use via Ethernet.  Connects to the Internet.
Cloud Based, using Amazon's web server network (fast and secure)
Punch records are updated instantly
Biometric fingerprint reader, and keypad for PIN numbers
Plug-and-Play WiFi OR Ethernet (it does both)
Remote Firmware Updates
Easy Department Transfers - at the clock and online
5,000 employee capacity, run multiple terminals, anywhere
Lifetime Free Product Replacement, Lifetime Technical Support
Upload your personal company logo to the display

Multi-clock ready.  Easily manage one, or many locations
Multi-time zone ready. Put clocks in different time zones.
Run the punch records from any internet access point - pc, phone, tablet, etc.
Emails you employee alerts - approaching overtime, IN or OUT punch, etc
Punches can be entered via web, smart phone, uAttend clock, or land line phone
Share the work with additional managers with unique passwords and authorities
Includes a powerful scheduling module, and scheduling violation alerts by e-mail or text

Job Tracking - Track two levels of job details and get accurate job reports to be
used for invoicing, or records
Tip and Expense reporting - Employees can add tips and expenses in the device
for accurate wage and reimbursement reporting.

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Eastside Deli - 3 Locations and 25 Employees


Sir Reel Studios                                   West Maui Pet Supplies
Avon & Wessex Motor Factors          Surf Ride Retail Surf Shop


Watch this one: How to set it up


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It is quite simple:  You go to a web page that uAttend sets up for you, and sign in.
Then you begin to set up your employees.  By the time the clock arrives, you are ready to roll!
        uAttend Initial Setup.jpg

The uAttend web hosted system charges for the number of people
you have at the peak, during that month cycle. 

You can cancel at any time.


Activation:  Click on this image to begin the signup process:  Technical Support.jpg
Enter this Dealer ID number:  DA7BG

Additional Fees:
Certain uAttend features require small additional fees. Accounts with more than two clocks will be assessed a fee of $10/month per additional clock over two in their account. Additional administrators (over one) adds $6/month per administrator.  Exports other than the included CSV or ProcessingPoint, adds $5 per month.  Available exports include Paychex, ADP, QuickBooks, MAS90, and many, many more. Click HERE to see the list. If it is not already available, uAttend will write the export file you need.