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Model TR440a Self Aligning time clock. Six punches a day, no "overpunching". Designed for weekly or bi-weekly pay periods. One time card does both.

Our Price: $209.95

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Click 188 ATR121 time cardsATR121 time cards box of 1000$39.95
Click 485 Compumatic TR cartridge ribbonCompumatic TR 2 color ribbon$11.95
Click 115 Surge ProtectorComputer Surge Protector$15.00
Click 12 Time Card Rack25 card time card rack$31.00

Compumatic TR440A self aligning time clock
Includes 50 free time cards, instructions, security key, and ribbon

Heavy-Duty, Industrial Quality
  • Attractive, easy to read standard clock face
  • Automatically aligns the cards for you
  • Allows for 6 punches per day
  • Non-totaling, shows IN and OUT times
  • Automatically shifts to the next line, every day
  • Easy to total, prints IN is punch 1, OUT is punch 2, IN is punch 3....
  • Selectable print format - set for standard hours and minutes, or military and 100th's
  • Clear printing dot matrix printer
  • Clean-change cartridge ribbon, each one lasts about 1000 cards
  • Easy to program, includes detailed owners manual
  • Mounts easily on wall, or sit on a desk
  • Inexpensive time cards for either weekly or bi-weekly pay periods
  • Automatically resets to correct time after power outages
  • Automatically adjusts for daylight savings time, month/year changes
  • One year guarantee, one year technical support
ATR121 a.k.a. CTR121 time card:
This is a two sided time card.  One side is for weekly only pay cycles
The back side has double the spaces, is for bi-weekly pay cycles

The card below is a "representation". 
The actual machine only prints in one color, black.
It automatically shifts down one line for the next day.

It can be programmed to shift to the next column over at set times
--- Such as 1AM - 9:30AM column 1 (IN), 9:31 - 12:15PM column 2 (OUT)
    12:16 - 2:30PM column 3 (IN), and 2:31 - midnight column 4 (OUT)
Or, you can allow the employees to override the presets by selecting
the column themselves with the buttons on top of the machine.

They just drop the card in the machine, it aligns and prints automatically.