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Amano CP3000 Battery
CP3000 Amano Battery

User-replaceable battery for Amano CP3000

Our Price: $42.00
Amano Battery

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Click 192 Amano Black RibbonCP3000 and other models ribbon$23.00
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Click 101 Amano CP5000 time cardsC3000-2 Two sided, box of 1,000$44.00


This is the Amano CP3000 Battery.  It is inside the back of the machine.

To replace the Amano CP3000 Amano battery, it, it is very important that you keep the machine plugged-in, or the program will be erased (that would be bad, you'll be calling us, we can help you).
Cut the wire tie strap, unplug the old battery.replace it with this one.  No wire tie needed to for this replacement Amano part.

That's all!