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Amano PIX ribbons, box of 12
PIX Ribbon, box of 12

Long lasting ribbons for Amano TCX11, TCX21/22/28, PIX10/15/21/28/45/55/75,85,200, C3000x and more.

Our Price: $79.00

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Amano TCX, EX, and PIX time clock ribbons


Purple lasts the longest of all the colors
Note, what they call Purple, you call “dark blue“ - the color of this type.

  • Red and Black are also available
  • Black is also in stock, Red would be a special order, available only by the dozen
  • Premium nylon ribbon, the ink lubricates the printer
  • Highest quality, sharp, crisp image
  • Service Tip:  When changing the Amano PIX or TCX ribbon, you will see that the ribbon goes back and forth on a metal bar.  Lubricate this bar with WD-40 and it will last many years longer!

Fits the following models:
Amano TCX11,    TCX21,    TCX22,    TCX28,    TCX85,
Amano PIX10,      PIX15,     PIX21,      PIX28      PIX 45,
Amano PIX55,      PIX75,     PIX 85,     PIX200, PIX3000, PIX3000x,
also Pyramid 6200 and Pyramid 6400

Always in stock

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