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Rapidprint AR-E Automatic Date and Time Stamp
Rapidprint AR-E Automatic Date and Time Stamp

Rapidprint Date/Time Stamps are found in most Government offices, mail desks, etc. We do our own Rapidprint Warranty Repairs. Rapidprint Service.

Our Price: $645.00

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 72 Upper Die PlateEngraved brass, above the time/date$56.00
Click 242 Lower Die PlateEngraved brass, below the time/date$56.00
Click 239 Signature ArtworkSignature Plate add-on$124.00
Click 40 Rapidprint & Widmer Time Stamp RibbonPurple Ribbons Q: 3$24.00
Click 41 Rapidprint & Widmer timestamp ribbonsRapidprint & Widmer ribbons, by the dozen$79.00


Rapidprint Automatic Time and Date Stamp

******  We ship to all USA-48 states - no others   ******

We sell at GSA pricing to everyone.  You can't get this cheaper from a bonafide reseller.  We guarantee it directly.

One Year Florida Time Clock Guarantee

If you have questions, we are the ones to call

Shipping:  USA-48 states only, and all US Goverment Bases/Offices, worldwide.

Popular applications:

  • Incoming mail
  • Traffic Tickets, Court Documents
  • Airport screening - Security
  • Parking lots
  • Fax machine time verification
  • Tax receipts
  • Phone messages
  • Hospital Lab documentation
  • Restaurant guest checks - “Kitchen Clock“

Various Models Available:

  • Model: AR-E - Basic time stamp - this is the most “popular

Call us if you want pricing on the other models 

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