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Amano MJR7000 time cards
A11P 000-099 Box of 1,000

MADE IN USA Amano MJR time cards! Card Range 000 - 099. 1000 cards per box. For Amano models: MJR7000, MJR7000EZ, Stromberg 8000 and MJR8000

Our Price: $59.00

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 148 Amano #700 metal keyAmano MJR, TCX, EX metal key$6.25
Click 36 MJR7000 Ribbons, Q: 1Amano MJR Ribbons$19.00


1000 Amano MJR Time Cards  AllP-1M

Range 000 - 099

Large letters on cards (easy to read numbers!)
Guaranteed to fit all Amano MJR series clocks

We repair, and reset Amano MJR clocks
We are a non-warranty Amano Service Center

You need to update your Amano MJR time clock's daylight setting every year.

Do this now:  It will not affect (make changes to) your current time cards in any way.

Put the #700 key (Program Key) in the top, turn it to the right.The display will go blank.

Press:  2 0 E   0 3 1 3 #  1 1 0 6 E

Press "I" which is the roman numeral 1 at the upper left.

The display will go blank.  Turn and remove the key.

What this does: 
The clock will automatically "spring forward" and "fall back" on the correct days.
If employees are clocked IN, then the clock will adjust their accumulated hours correctly.