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TimePilot Tap+
Tap+ Starter Kit

Remote, portable, and small in-office time clocking system. Runs off internal battery for one year. Great for roving crews, portable offices, and more.

Our Price: $299.00
TimePilot Tap+

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Click 384 Time Pilot iButtons10 Time Pilot ibuttons$59.00
Click 387 Time Pilot iButtons100 Time Pilot iButtons$449.00
Click 388 Time Pilot iButtons200 Time Pilot iButtons$715.00
Click 385 Time Pilot iButtons30 Time Pilot iButtons$157.50
Click 386 Time Pilot iButtons50 Time Pilot iButtons$249.00
Click 383 TimePilot Tap+ TerminalTimePilot Tap+ Terminal$139.00

The durable, battery-powered Tap+ is small and light enough to slip in to a pocket or fit in a toolbox.  It's also perfectly comfortable as a desktop time clock. Place it on an office desk, workbench, or in a glove box; it's rugged and portable.

Each employee is assigned an iButton, a small device that fits on a key chain.  The Tap+ Starter Kit comes with 10; each clock can handle up to 2,000 employees. When the employee taps his or her iButton to the IN or OUT probe on the clock, the employee is identified and the time of the registration is recorded.  Each Tap+ terminal can hold 12,000 punches between downloads. That's like 19 months of punches for 25 employees, IN and OUT 4x a day.

At the end of the pay period, just use the included USB cable to connect the Tap* to your Windows PC running the TimePilot Central software (also included in the starter kit). The punches are transferred from the Tap* to the software automatically.

In the password-protected software, supervisors can edit or insert punches, create reports by employee, department of location, or export the data to an Excel spreadsheet or a software package like QuickBooks, ADP or Paychex.

The sealed, rechargeable battery inside the Tap* is designed to not need a recharge for a year, however, whenever you are downloading the Tap*, the battery charges. Data is stored in non-volatile memory which means that even if the battery was fully discharged, no punch data would be lost.

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What's in the box:

1    TimePilot Tap clock
1    USB cable
1    TimePilot software CD and instructions
10  TimePilot Tap+ employee iButtons

30 days free technical support - USA staff
1 year product guarantee

The Tap can be left on-site for months at a time, it will continue to accept punches.
Every time you plug it in to download the punches, it is also charging the time clock.
Watch the video to see how it works.

Time Pilot exports to:

Paychex Preview
and Excel
TimePilot ran a KickStarter campaign in 2013, this is very interesting:

TimePilot Tap Video, see how it works in the office: