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TimePilot Extreme Blue II Enhanced Clock
TimePilot Extreme Blue Enhanced

This is the TimePilot Extreme Blue II Enhanced portable time clocking system. Used for rough conditions, outdoors, dusty, wet, cold, sandy, hot. Uploads to the Cloud! Free USA Shipping.

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Our Price: $799.00
Blue tooth time clocking system

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Click 389 TimePilot Extended Support AgreementAnnual Software Support$149.00
Click 375 TimePilot Extreme Blue Battery Clock (only)Extreme-Blue additional terminal$419.00
Click 382 TimePilot Tap+Tap+ Starter Kit$299.00
Click 384 TimePilot iButtonsTimePilot iButtons - 10$59.00
Click 385 TimePilot iButtonsTimePilot iButtons - 30$149.00
Click 386 TimePilot iButtonsTimePilot iButtons - 50$225.00
Click 387 TimePilot iButtonsTimePilot iButtons - 100$425.00
Click 388 TimePilot iButtonsTimePilot iButtons - 200$715.00
Click 383 TimePilot Tap+Tap+$139.00


TimePilot Extreme Blue II remote time clock system

Free shipping all USA states

Overview:   Comprehensive software, works via USB and "the cloud".
You can download reports to a thumb drive, or use the built-in bluetooth feature, download to your iPhone or Android, and send the data to the cloud, and retrieve it back in the office, wherever that may be.

* It's Rugged, works in harsh cold, wet, and hot conditions
* Designed for outdoor use, although it can be used inside
* Commonly would be used at construction sites, where 
    the clock is exposed to the elements

*  Easy set-up
*  Locks to metal wall plate to prevent theft
*  Can be moved easily to another site when necessary
*  Multi-Clock capability, have one, or dozens, of these clocks out in service.

          How it works:
* Clock is mounted and locked at the site using the secure
   mounting plate - and programmable 4 number padlock
*  Each employee is issued an iButton and uses it to clock in and out
*  Clock's memory holds up to 3 months of punches
*  Data is transferred to:
    1) USB drive, then brought back to the office computer, or
    2) use the free "app" and load it to the cloud!
    Free Apple iPhone and Android store app, free DropBox account  

*  Note: The padlock blocks the USB port from being
    used when  it's attached - the clock won't download
   data unless you use the Managers keyfob
* The supervisor then plugs the USB drive into the computer running 

    the TimePilot software 
* The software will import the data into the TimePilot database
You can also e-mail it to another location for payroll processing


UPC 891078002375

UPC: 891078002375

TimePilot Exports - these are included:

Men filling out time sheets - this is eliminated with TimePilot

Yes, they work outside!
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