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Acroprint ES1000
Acroprint ES1000

100 employee self totaling time clock. Calculates overtime (weekly/bi-weekly), can even ring bells.

Our Price: $349.00

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 115 Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$15.00
Click 12 Time Card Rack25 card time card rack$31.00
Click 343 ES1000 ribbonES1000 ribbon$14.00
Click 344 Time CardsES1010 time cards, box of 1000$79.00
Click 345 Time CardsES1010 time cards, box of 500$44.95
Click 347 Acroprint ES1000 BatteryAcroprint ES1000 Battery$35.00
Click 249 Wireless Shop and Alert BellWireless Shop and Event Bell$249.00
Click 86 Loud 4" 120V Buzzer120V horn, 102db - adjustable volume$139.00
Click 88 Loud 6" fire bell120V shop bell, 100db$89.00


ES1000 Acroprint Self Totaling Time Clock for up to 100 Employees

Prints in hours and minutes, or military and 100th's time format
Save hours and hours of work per week, using this self-totaling time clock
Separates Standard time from Overtime, automatically!

100 Employee capacity
Prints running total on the card Pay to the minute, or use 15 minute rounding - you select
Three built-in reports: Hours Summary, Time Cards In Use, Signal (Bell) Time Report
Automatic Daylight Savings correction, resets to correct time after power outages
Optional and highly recommended AC Failure Operational Battery - $39.00

Two colors, you can set up “Tardy“ punch times to print in Red
** Example 8:02 - 8:15AM

Supports Weekly and Bi-weekly pay periods
Computes Overtime, also automatic lunch deduction - user selectable settings

Atomic Clock Antenna for highest accuracy
Selectable print format - standard time, or military/hundreth's
Optional Bell/Horn signaling module - run bells for start-stop-break times 

ES1010 time cards are 3.5“ wide, 7“ long.
UPC 818204687756


Acroprint ES1000 Dimensions:

  • 9” Tall, 6” Wide, 4” Deep
  • Weight: 2 lbs installed
  • Power:  110VAC
  • This can also ring synchronized bells, for example, machine shops, with avaiable bell upgrade