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Isgus Replacement Power Supply
Isgus Power Supply

No longer available. See some good suggested solutions below.

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The Isgus Battery is no longer avialable.

However, we have two excellent solutions:  
Best:  Plug the clock in to a computer's UPS.  Just use any extension cord, or get a dedicated universal power supply from Staples, etc. The smallest one you can find [350]  will be vastly better than the tiny Isgus battery pack inside the clock.  And you'll get surge protection!

Second best:
Remove the battery pack, the clock will run without it as long as it has 110V power.  It will not lose the memory while this pack is out.

Take it to a battery specialty store  ("Batteries Plus" is in our area).  They can rebuild it (take the connector and attach it to brand-new batteries).  This is typically in the range of $60 or so.

The Isgus operational power reserve battery fits:
Isgus 2040, Isgus 2030, Isgus 2020, and the Isgus 2005.