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Icon SB-100 Pro
Icon SB100 25 employee clock system

Out of production. 2019: Replaced by TotalPass P400, see the link below.

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Click 115 Surge ProtectorComputer Surge Protector$15.00
Click 125 RFID key fob for this machineIcon RFID and Proximity Card Keyfob$2.25
Click 146 Icon Proximity Badges - 1010 Reusable Icon RFID Badges$25.00
Click 118 Icon Proximity Badges - 2525 Reusable RFID Badges$50.00
Click 13 Short Badge RackBadge Rack - 12 Badges$19.00
Click 124 Large Badge RackBadge Rack - 40 Badges$31.00
Click 322 TotalPass 25 Employee UpgradeTotalPass WET-50$95.00
Click 323 TotalPass 50 Employee UpgradeTotalPass WET-100$125.00
Click 320 Icon SB100 Pro Customize PackIcon SB100 Pro Customize Pack$125.00
Click 326 Icon Email AlertsIcon Email Alerts$135.00


Icon SB-100 Pro Version 2.0  Small Office Time Clock System

  1. Runs on Windows, Apple, Linux - via a web browser
  2. Creates time cards in your computer! See them on your screen, print them out.
  3. Alerts manager before overtime, punches are all in real-time, and more.
  4. Posts Paid Breaks to time card
  5. Comes with 25 employee capacity, easily upgrades to 250
  6. Keypad PIN or Proximity Card, or Proximity KeyFob - selectable for any employee
  7. Ethernet, Internet, or USB cable connection
  8. Comes with 15' Ethernet cable, 30' USB cable

  9. Includes 25 preassigned ID numbers -write the employees name on the pad, give it to them, they memorize the number.
Upgrades are easily installed, and permanent.
No on-going or month-to-month user fees.
Automatically calculates standard, overtime, and consecutive day (California) OT
Exports directly to Quickbook Payroll, ADP, Paychex Online Payroll, and CSV file.
Supports weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods.
Real-time reporting, with up-to-the-minute running totals!
Non-volatile memory holds records for 30 days during power outage!
Optional automatic lunch deduction - by employee.
Displays employees hours worked and last punch at the clock
This is a single-clock system - an upgrade is requred to run multiple SBC100's

Icon SB100Pro in operation