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TotalPass P400 with WiFi
Icon TotalPass P400

WiFi and Ethernet ready. 25 employees, works on ALL computer systems. Prints reports, includes popular payroll exports, more features.

Our Price: $299.00
TotalPass P400

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Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 146 RFID Badges - 10RFID-10$25.00
Click 118 RFID Badges - 25RFID-25$50.00
Click 13 Short Badge RackBadge Rack - 12 Badges$19.00
Click 125 RFID keyfobsRFID Keyfob - 10$25.00
Click 322 50 Employee LicenseWET-50$95.00
Click 323 100 Employee LicenseWET-100$125.00
Click 327 Advanced Rules and BenefitsAdvanced Rules and Benefits$125.00
Click 330 Icon P400S Software SupportP400D Software Support 1 Year$125.00


Icon TotalPass P400 with 25 employees


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  • 25 employee system, upgrades to 500
  • Reports by individual Employees, and by Departments
  • Prints time cards, saves them in Word and .PDF formats
  • Advanced QuickBooks Export, also Paychex, ADP, and .CSV
  • Unlimited number of supervisor accesses
  • Real-time data viewing
  • No software to load on your PC - it's built-in to the terminal
  • Supports ALL Pay Periods
  • Keypad or Proximity-Badge Entry - selectable by individual
  • Does not include badges or keyfobs. This ships as PIN only.
    You CAN add badges and keyfobs, it is supported with this basic system.

Icon TotalPass 25 employee PIN and Proximity Card Clock

  • Plug & Play Simplicity: No software to install, setup or maintain
  • Multiple Entry options: Keypad (PIN), proximity badge
    or optional Web Punch employee entry
  • Multiple Connectivity Options:
    Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, or Internet connection. All-in-one clock
  • Intuitive: Web browser based software means it's easy to use and learn.
    P400 is not web-enabled, this is for local PC and local network usage only.
  • Universal Compatibility: Works with all operating systems,
    Windows, Linux and even Mac!
  • Secure: Stand-alone unit does not require constant PC or Network
  • Connection. All data is saved on the clock in case of PC or server crash.
  • Save backups to a flash drive or to your PC for extra security.
  • Easily create long-term custom reports.
RTC1000 User Video


All Icon computer clock terminals are remotely upgradeable.
They use an innovative “flash” technology which can rewrite the internal firmware.

What this means to you:
As the years go on, you normally have to throw away equipment - computers, time clocks, hard drives, hardware, etc.  Icon can electronically 'rewire' the terminal for new technology.

For example: If a new daylight savings protocol (like the old one that worked better) is enacted, your machine could be reprogrammed to handle it, you would not need a new chip, or a new machine.
If a completely new operating system is released, the machine could be flashed, and not need to be replaced.


Other manufacturer's require you to buy new equipment every few years.
Not the RTC1000.  Icon is Future-Proofed.