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Pyramid 3800 auto-aligning
50 employee self-totaling time clock

50 employee self-totaling time clock. Pays to the minute or rounding, calculates overtime, prints running totals. See all the details below.

Retail Price: $399.00
Our Price: $259.00

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Click 12 25 card time card rackLarge self-totaling time clock time card holder$31.00
Click 411 Pyramid RibbonNewer Model Pyramid Ribbon$15.00


Pyramid 3800 Self-Totaling Time Clock for 50 Employees

  • Reliable, "starter bundle" designed for start-ups small businesses

  • Automatically calculates worked time between punches.
  • Supported pay cycles:
    *  Weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly
  • Calculates overtime on daily and weekly - user selectable settings.
    * AKA some businesses do not pay OT, or OT is at 8/day and 40 hours/week, The Pyramid 3800 can handle it.
  • Prints Date & Time (AM/PM or Military)
  • The time clock totals actual to the minute, or rounded time, including 0, 5, 10, and 15 minute ("1/4 hour") rounding rules in minutes.
  • Automatic feed aligns time card punches.
  • Prints date, month, in and out punch times, total time between punches, cumulative time and daily overtime - see the card example below.
  • Internal battery backup safeguards data and settings for up to 30 days without power.
  • Daylight savings enabled
  • Automatically recovers to correct time after power outage.
  • Uses 3800-10 time cards and 43079 ribbon ink cartridge
  • Table/shelf, or bolt to wall mount
  • One Year Factory Guarantee, Pyramid USA (Connecticut)

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Pyramid 3800 50 employee self totaling time clock


1 time clock
1 owners manual with toll-free assistance number
2 locking case keys
50 time cards



Specifications and Free Owners Manual

Free Owners Manual - click on this line

Auto-Aligning, Self-Totaling 50 Employee Time Clock Specifications

  • Employee Capacity          50
  • Time Card Loading           Top
  • Columns                            6
  • Installed Weight                 2.5 lbs
  • Dimensions WxHxD           7.3" Wide, 8" High, 5" Deep
  • Power                               100-240VAC, 50/60Hz  UL/CUL listed power supply
  • Mounting                           Wall or Desk
  • Includes: 3800 time clock, 50 time cards, Ink Ribbon
  • Cartridge, 2 Security Keys, User Guide

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