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TimeSource Complete 100 to 250
TimeSource Complete 100 > 250 upgrade

Upgrade TimeSource Complete to 250 employees

Retail Price: $295.00
Our Price: $295.00

TimeSource Full 100 > 250 upgrade

You provide us with the software serial number (if this is an existing system)
If this is a new order, “never mind”.

We send this information to Icon with a company Purchase Order. 
They charge our account, and respond within an hour or two.

We provide you with an alphabetical code, 5 blocks of 4 letters each.

You start TimeSource and select FILE at the extreme upper left of your monitor.

Select Install Modules.

Copy the 24 letter option code into those boxes. 

It will tell you the upgrade is done, then you X-out.

Now you have a 250 employees software!  It's a wonderful thing.

Be sure to copy that code down for future use. 
We will be emailing it to you on your invoice, as a backup, plus, we have records here.