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Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Biometric System
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Pyramid network biometric system. Comprehensive software worth considering. High quality, Made in USA.

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TimeTrax:  Simple, Smart!
Runs on Windows XP, 2000, Vista, and 7
Eliminates costly “buddy punching”
Keypad for optional data entry

50 employee system, upgrades to 1000
Ethernet connection, multi-terminal ready
State of the art biometric fingerprint reader technology
Battery backup protects clock time, fingerprint maps, and punch memory
Connects easily with Pyramid synchronized clocks, bells, and horns

Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Biometric
50 employee software, upgradable to 1000 employees
Ethernet connection with multi-terminal capability
Built-in and optional time synchronization from:
  The Pyramid Synchronized Clock System (gets the time from the web!)
Built-in onboard battery and memory backup
Numeric keypad allows for Department Transfers (upgrade)
TimeTrax Elite allows for many more options, including
synchronized digital or analog wall clocks 

TimeTrax Elite can also ring bells and horns, if you have a school or production area, assuring people get to class, or to their job, at the correct time.

TimeTrax Pro allows for many options, including synchronized digital or analog wall clocks and bell/horn systems. This unique feature lets you sync all the clocks and employees in your facility to the same master system clock time. This will assure that everyone in the workplace is on the same time schedule – saving your company money

Click here to download the demo software
User "Admin" Password: "PTI

Owners Manual
Factory Brochure

Click on the images below to see sample reports:

    Departments                      Employee                        Employee
   All Employees                                  Punches

This Plug-and-Play system can actually run digitial and analog clocks in your building, and even run bells or buzzers - imagine a campus or light manufacturing setting..

For a rough idea as to what it can do, follow this link:

The clocks can plug right in to the biometric reader, bells require one small piece of hardware.  Call, we can fill you in.

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